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Dr.Umer fayyaz

pain management expert

“Dr.Umer Fayyaz is a certified practitioner of Osteopathic & Chiropractic techniques from iThrust Italy.He has been practicing Manual therapy for more than 20 years. After attaining a Master’s degree in Neuro Musculoskeletal he has completed internationational certifications in different hands on techniques e.g Dry Needling, KinesioTaping, Cyriax Orthopedic Medicine & Mulligan Manual Concepts. Equipped with extensive clinical experience, Dr. Umer has observed good clinical outcome in managing musculoskeletal conditions ranging from peripheral to spinal conditions. He uses techniques including trigger point therapy, joint mobilization and manipulation, dry needling, postural correction, Kinesio taping, Spinal adjustment and body alignment.”


Headache/Vertigo 52%
Spinal Problems 90%
Shoulder Problems 70%
Ankle/Knee/Hip and Elbow 69%
Patients Treated
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Asked Questions​

We start you on a short trial period of 3 to 4 treatments. If there is satisfactory improvement during the trial, we will continue until you are satisfied with your results. If you fail to improve, we will refer you to another specialist of YOUR choice.

Yes you can book a session without any referral. 95% of our clients come to us without any referral. 

You can come for consultation without MRI or X-Ray. Our every patient goes through a physical assessment before treatment. We do not prescribe unnecessary investigations e.g X-Ray, MRI and Labs.

We do not take walk-ins. You must need to book an appointment to avoid unnecessary waiting and hurdles. 

You can book an appointment by call or whats-app on +923452227533 or online on our website.

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